Arggh…Writer’s Block

So, I’ve been suffering of late a bad case of writer’s block.  In the past when I’ve gotten it, I just forced my way through it, in the hopes that something will eventually stick.

This time, however, I couldn’t seem to get anything to stick.  I tried writing about one of my favorite albums of all time (Peter Gabriel’s So), but my efforts struck me as amateurish, so I abandoned it.

I tried writing about horror movies, but that also came off as amateur-hour stuff, and contained nothing insightful that hasn’t already been done to death.

I briefly considered publishing my roleplaying mechanic for the Final Girl phenomenon found in slasher movies such as Friday the 13th and Halloween, but it needs some updating and generalizing and it’s never been playtested.

So, here I am, writing about how I don’t have anything to write about.  Great.


Using MS Word As WordPress Blogging Client… Still Experimenting

I’m trying this out, seeing how it goes.

I would much prefer to have an offline client in case I can’t connect to the internet for some strange reason. Just the way of things, I suppose.

I just want to try one thing, and I swear I will get to a normal blog-like state. A shuffle:

1 Song: The Best of My Love
Artist: The Eagles
Album:On the Border
Year: 1974
2 Song: Satori
Artist: Rodrigo y Gabriela
Album:Rodrigo y Gabriela
Year: 2005
3 Song: Zoltar, Fastening the Armor
Artist: Hoyt Curtin and Bob Sakuma
Album:Battle of the Planets (Original Television Soundtrack)
Year: 2004
4 Song: Everybody Wants Some!!
Artist: Van Halen
Album: Women and Children First
Year: 1980
5 Song: Suzie Q
Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Album:Creedence Clearwater Revival
Year: 1968
6 Song: Love Is Strong
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album:Voodoo Lounge
Year: 1994
7 Song: Hell’s Bells
Artist: AC/DC
Album:Back in Black
Year: 1980
8 Song: Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
Artist: Def Leppard
Album: High ‘n’ Dry
Year: 1981
9 Song: Time Stand Still
Artist: Rush
Album:Hold Your Fire
Year: 1987
10 Song: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Artist: U2
Album: War
Year: 1983

Making Something into Something It Isn’t

So, we’re having a discussion over on Tumblr about what Tumblr is and what it isn’t.

I’ve been largely frustrated with Tumblr because the time I’ve put into it hasn’t in my view been worth it.  I’ve gained some friendships, sure, but I should be further along in Tumblr than what I currently am now, particularly for something that I spend 36 hours per week doing.  I’ve been there for a solid six months, doing everything I should:

  • I’ve “hearted” nearly 4,000 posts;
  • I’ve posted 629 posts of varying size and composition as of this writing (that’s an average of 3 posts a day, for those keeping track);
  • I’ve replied to nearly as many posts as I’ve hearted.

The net result of my efforts?  59 followers (though Tumblr swears that I have 66), and many of these I’m sure are spam; phishing scams; virus-carriers; or accounts that apparently were created, followed me, and disappeared.  I think out of the 59 followers, 20 of them are active.

Twenty people for six months of full-time work.  Whoopdy-fricking-shit.

I’m reminded of a chess game I observed once many years ago.  It was between a low-intermediate player (I think his rating was about an 1150) and a beginner.  The beginner was getting frustrated because his strategy had failed to take into account the bishop’s movements, and he would get caught by the bishop every time.  I felt like screaming, “Either learn the rules of the game or quit, because you’re just making a fool of yourself.”

That applies here: I don’t like how Tumblr behaves (that is, the rules of the game “Tumblr”), so I should just quit it.

It’s not that easy, though: Tumblr is more of a social place, kind of like a pub.  People gather there to joke, drink, and carouse.  Then there’s nerdy Tom sitting in the back corner, sipping his latte, trying to read his poetry to everyone within ear-shot, but nobody’s listening to him because fuck that guy.

Jesus Christ, it’s like high school all over again.

Welcome to Riding to Hell in a Handbasket

Hi.  My name is Tom.  This is my blog.

This blog will not have anything to do with the following:

  • Riding
  • Hell
  • Handbaskets

So why the title?

I was raised primarily by my grandmother Granny.  Granny was an odd bird: she was a Roosevelt Democrat and a born-again Christian, which is a species that was apparently more common in the pre-Reagan political era.  That was the way I was raised.  The result has been a liberal who’s ashamed of his sexuality.

This dichotomy has held me back.  On my 42nd birthday earlier this year, I reached a point where I was incredibly unhappy with the path my life had taken.  I decided I needed to do something about it.  The problem was Granny.  She is like Dickens’ Ghost of Christmas Future, silently pointing toward the gates of Hell every time I do something.

Everybody’s heard the phrase “going to Hell in a hand basket.”  It means that things are going poorly–that things are rapidly headed into chaos or disaster without much effort.  But I wanted something to give the idea that I was purposefully going to Hell; hence, “riding.”