Using MS Word As WordPress Blogging Client… Still Experimenting

I’m trying this out, seeing how it goes.

I would much prefer to have an offline client in case I can’t connect to the internet for some strange reason. Just the way of things, I suppose.

I just want to try one thing, and I swear I will get to a normal blog-like state. A shuffle:

1 Song: The Best of My Love
Artist: The Eagles
Album:On the Border
Year: 1974
2 Song: Satori
Artist: Rodrigo y Gabriela
Album:Rodrigo y Gabriela
Year: 2005
3 Song: Zoltar, Fastening the Armor
Artist: Hoyt Curtin and Bob Sakuma
Album:Battle of the Planets (Original Television Soundtrack)
Year: 2004
4 Song: Everybody Wants Some!!
Artist: Van Halen
Album: Women and Children First
Year: 1980
5 Song: Suzie Q
Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Album:Creedence Clearwater Revival
Year: 1968
6 Song: Love Is Strong
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album:Voodoo Lounge
Year: 1994
7 Song: Hell’s Bells
Artist: AC/DC
Album:Back in Black
Year: 1980
8 Song: Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
Artist: Def Leppard
Album: High ‘n’ Dry
Year: 1981
9 Song: Time Stand Still
Artist: Rush
Album:Hold Your Fire
Year: 1987
10 Song: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Artist: U2
Album: War
Year: 1983

5 thoughts on “Using MS Word As WordPress Blogging Client… Still Experimenting

  1. Dana says:

    Experimenting is the best way to use your tools to their fullest extent! You know … kind of like using a knife as a screwdriver


    • Yeah, my two experiments didn’t work out like I’d hoped. MS Word, it turns out, does strange things (such as using the <span> tag all over the damned place) that I’m not thrilled with.

      Then, there’s the table I built. That’s not the way it looks using either MS Word or the tools WordPress gives you, I assure you. Not sure if it’s something I did, or if it’s the theme, or what it is. Sad Tom is sad. 😦


    • Yeah, I think I learned my lesson with this. 😛 Twenty minutes of work to create this post turned into two hours of work to fix whatever the hell MS Word did to it. It finally looks the way I intended it.


  2. Jonathan says:

    Take a look at Windows Live Writer. It’s very, very good.


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