Coming Up With A Story For Minecraft

I’ve been on vacation for the past week, dealing with family issues.  But I did get a lot of Minecraft time in between.

I’ve been playing 1.9 pre-release 5.  It doesn’t add anything massive or major to PR 4, but it does sort of suggest a possible story-line to Minecraft.

First, when you start (and this has been since Beta was released way back when), you’re alone, with only the clothes on your back.  You have to find a way to survive the first day.  You have no memory of what occurred, but there are clues:

  • There are abandoned villages and mines peppered throughout the world;
  • Zombies are the only other humanoid (other than pigmen, but as they’re only found in the nether realms, they don’t count) beings you encounter, and they’re not exactly… friendly;
  • One of the mobs you encounter are the Endermen (introduced in 1.8), and they’re a huge hint of what’s going on.


These hints make it clear that some sort of disaster has occurred, linked to the Endermen somehow.  I happen to know that part of the endgame will be going to the world the Endermen originate from (cleverly called “The End”), and fight a dragon.  The End is reached by a specific portal that itself can only be reached in a specific place and must be activated.

Now, this suggests to me that part of this disaster is linked to The End.  Imagine this scenario:

  1. A medieval society develops ability to travel between worlds (the Nether and The End).
  2. Opening up a portal to The End allows the Endermen to come through.
  3. The End and the world do not get along with each other very well.
  4. Something Bad ™ happened, and all of the humans except the player were killed.
    1. This Something Bad is obviously linked to the dungeons and mob generators sprinkled throughout the world.  Endermen can move blocks: maybe they’re responsible for the dungeons?  Maybe the dungeons are responsible for the missing people?
  5. The humans leak into the World nightly as mindless Zombies.
  6. The player wakes up on the beach with no memory.

Hmmm…. thought-provoking.


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