Forgot All about Posterous

In my never-ending search for a blog that will fit my needs, I had forgotten about Posterous.  Posterous seems like Tumblr’s nerdy and oft-forgotten brother.

Tumblr’s stupidity in dealing with the Missing E “issue” seems to be a turning point for many people, myself included.  That Tumblr doesn’t get why its service is so popular (mostly due to the functionality Missing E provides, actually) just seems to show that they’re obviously too cools (read: CLUELESS) for me.  Add this to the fact that Tumblr’s service was sporadic last night* (and I heard it was this morning, too) just kind of kills my enthusiasm for the platform.

I’m beginning to wonder if we don’t just need a service that combines the functionality of Missing E with the ease of use of Tumblr.

Could Posterous be that platform?

Recently, on my Tumblr page, I changed the theme.  I wanted bolder colors, and I wanted something a little less mundane than the theme I had.

The shit thing about the theme I chose was that it didn’t have Disqus functionality built in to it.  That meant that I had to hack the HTML source for the theme to add it.  The fact that I have to do that to get the full blogging functionality that I’m looking for (i.e. interaction) just shows that Tumblr and I may not be a good fit.

WordPress is another possibility.  While WordPress features are dreamy, I often feel as if I spend as much time “turning knobs” and “flipping switches” as I do with my creative endeavors (i.e. writing blog posts).

[*] The timing of this “sporadic” service seems to me to be highly suspicious, particularly when you consider this post: This morning’s Tumblr downtime NOT related to ‘Missing e’.  At least, it seems mighty suspicious to me.  The timing of it couldn’t have been more perfect for Tumblr.


2 thoughts on “Forgot All about Posterous

  1. Dana says:

    Sooo … are you leaving tumblr? I’m not at all concerned about the tumblr/missing e issue because? Well? It really doesn’t impact me in the least. tumblr has been an unstable platform since the beginning of time and remains that way. I have no doubt missing e has become little more than their scape goat *shrugs*


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