The Latest on My Mom

You can get all the dirt on what’s been going on with Mom here:

This is the latest, and since I’ve been a little lax (bad Tom!) I’ve gotta update you on a couple of months of activity.

So, the plan became to move my mother to North Carolina, somewhere closer to my sister.  My sister and I both agreed that she would be better off down there than up here, mostly because I wouldn’t be able to take care of her up here.  And she’s right.

After a short period of panicking, (and not being able to find a place to put her in cheap enough for my mother to afford), my sister apparently found someone who specializes in placement of the elderly in her area.

They found an apartment in assisted living, and they also found a CNA that could look in on my mom a couple of times a day.

My mother makes enough from retirement and Social Security that she can afford this, thankfully, without my sister having to dip into her savings to do it.

I’ve gotta tell you though, I’m very relieved that the wheels are moving.


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