Brain Dump

So I think I’ve reached a point in my life where I couldn’t give a shit less whether or not anybody reads my blog.  The problem is that I’ve said this before, and got caught up in the trap of suddenly caring, and reading analytics, and trying to make my other blog conform to what I believed others wanted from me, and it has made me miserable and a half.  (now, there’s a title of a blog: Miserable and a Half.  If only “Hyperbole and a Half” wasn’t already taken).  But I ended up being miserable.

Anyway, so this blog is going to have to be about a place where I practice writing in the long form, and where I can see about some deeper topics than in my other blog.

I might post here something about math, science, technology, and any other nerdy endeavor that I fascinates me at the moment.  You’ve been warned.


2 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. pate Liver says:

    Oh crap here we go! LOL!!

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