What A Day!

An alarm was going off at work, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the source. I called a technician and asked him to help find the source and shut it off.

I followed him around as he went from station to station trying to find the source of the alarm and turn it off. More than once, the technician would say, “Aha!” and push a button; yet the annoying alarm kept blaring.

Despair began to settle in that we were never going to find the source of this horrible and terrifying alarm and that I would certainly get into trouble for it. The technician stopped and we looked at each other, and he grudgingly admitted, “I don’t know how to turn this off.”

I woke up in my bed, the alarm on my iPhone going off. It was all a dream. I grumbled as I tapped “snooze,” rolled over, and went back to sleep.


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