My name is Tom.  I live on Long Island in New York. I’m a 45 year old man.  I’m interested in the following topics, and it’s distinctly likely that one or all of them will end up on my blog:

  • Role playing games (mostly face-to-face, pen-and-paper, and to be specific: The Hero System.
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy (particularly urban fantasy)
  • Movies
  • TV
  • The internet
  • Writing

I will also write reviews occasionally on RPG Apps.  My biases are that I’m a Hero System fanatic, and I’m looking for apps that will assist players and GMs to play their games.  I’m specifically looking for apps that are “system agnostic” or “system neutral.”  Apps that work with any RPG system are what I’m looking for; apps specifically for D&D or Pathfinder won’t do.  If you have a system neutral app or if you know of one, I would like to hear about it at tomd1969 at gmail dot com.

I’m also available for freelance writing gigs, rates negotiable.  Please email me at tomd1969 at gmail dot com.


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