November 11th is Veteran’s Day

Some facts about Veterans that you may find alarming:

  • A US Veteran attempts suicide every 80 minutes (source:
  • “Estimates of the rate of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among veterans returning from Iraq range from 12% to 20%. With deployment topping 1.5 million this summer [2007], and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) having treated more than 52,000 persons, the greatest effect of those mental health issues has yet to be experienced.” –source:
  • “As of June 2010, a total of 171,423 deployed Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans were diagnosed with PTSD, out of total of 593,634 patients treated by VA.” —
  • A person with PTSD is 14.9 times more likely to attempt suicide than those without it (source:

Here is a complete Frontline episode on this very issue, following the members of one particular company deployed to Afghanistan.

[Here’s] a startling statistic: Since the Iraq war began, a total of 18 soldiers from Fort Carson have been charged with or convicted of murder, manslaughter or attempted murder committed at home in the United States, and 36 have committed suicide.

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Just some food for thought on this Veteran’s Day.